VU Projects (CS)

VU Projects

How to make project using visual

By following these steps you will able to make your own VU project.

         We don't need any coding to create Webbased application using ASP.NET (V studio) so I am here to tell you how multiple pages will be gone through.

Note: this post is just a bit of our apps. we need server to properly run our database, its very diffcult to cope over here, yet i am trying my best to present, inshaa ALLAH sooner.

Plz, follow the images bellow:

Get new website from file>New>website

Select "ASP.NET website" and language "visual C#"  and click OK

Three main locations are our conerned areas "Solution explorer" wherein files will be displayed, "Design and Souce view" and "Toolbox".. click on "Design"

To add image, Right click on "Website" in solution explorer, click "add new folder"

Right click on "New Folder" in solution explorer to "rename" folder as "images" again right click to choose "add existing item" here we are going to pick an image file.

Pick any relevant image to your project, you can get display image through google images as my project is GTMS, i search for "Transport services". select image and click on ADD

You can see added image in solution explorer.

Now, go to "Toolbox" drag "image" to the design screen:
you can see invalid image icon, don't worry go to property window and select image URL (This URL image will only show added files, not http url)

On appearing window, double click on "images" folder and select image and clcik OK

here my selected image is added to my page, it can be adjusted like the way you want.
Drag textbox to give site title and goto properties to change fonts and format as you like to.
drag "button" from toolbox and go to properties, you can change name, font, button background color as you wish to
but most important point is that we need a page if we click the button above, lets say i choose contacts for the sample..

Target: If we click on "contacts" button, it should display another page. for this we need to add an item to the solution explorer, like this way.

Right click on "website" in solution explorer box, select "add new item"
appearing window, select "web form" click ADD

New page will be added, select "design" and drag textbox to type contacts and Linkedbox to add URL as you wish to. This page will be connected to "contacts" button so as we click it will display contacts page.
Here u need to rename new item that is default2.aspx, you can rename it as "contacts.aspx" for your ease

At this phase, we have two way to go for contacts page for our target.
1) add source code (Copy paste:)
2) add page URL to contact button

So i am going to define above two..

Adding page by SOURCE CODE (COPY PASTE:)
For this we need to understand files in our solution explorer, see the image bellow:

Two files are concerned with CONTACTS, "contacts.aspx" and "contacts.aspx.cs" this CS file is our source file and other one is design file.
Click on "contacts.aspx.cs" file and copy the whole source code

Click on "Home.aspx.cs" tab (i.e. our default1.aspx.cs) and paste the code under the area shown bellow

Or easy way, just click on contact button and go to properties window:

Select "PostBackUrl"

Appearing window, select contacts.aspx file and click OK

now we can check if successfully targets, goto File>view in a browser

Following window will be appear because we are locally hosting our application. Don't worry go on to click "Home.aspx"

On appearing following page, click on "contacts"
you will the exact result as we designed previous for our contact page,
If i understood u
Simply start typing without any drag drop textbox and it is done.

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