Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to make Invisible folder?

How to make Invisible folder?
  1. Create a new folder or simply rename your folder.
  2. Type in rename mode alt+255 and then press enter.
  3. Folder with no name will create.
  4. Now right click on folder>>properties>>customize tab
  5. In customize tab click on change icon.
  6. Scroll to right side here you will see a blank folder option.
  7. Select the blank option click ok and then apply.
  8. Your invisible folder has been created.
Note: you could see your invisible folder by select all the folders in range. Invisible folder will show in highlighted form.

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  1. [2018 Aug 01 Wed] I tried this and result was a success. Only problem was I was not understanding option # 6 so I searched and found and used these links:
    (1)[ ]
    (2)[ ]